Sunday, September 10, 2017

Walking around, wathing the Borg/McEnroe film and being totally amazed

Friday was a day of more walking in this great city. I was at the dollarstore first to pick up a few Halloweenstuff, it's amazing how much they have over here, well compared to almost nothing back home since Halloween's not that big.

Walking downtown before the movie Borg/McEnroe I made a detour and ended up seeing some more cool building and the CN tower from different angles, well one of them was when I walked back from having been to the movie. Also there's cool roadsigns and banners telling you what district you're in.






At the movie we got a short Q&A(Questions and Answers) with the director Janus Menz(he's Danish). Some other coll stuff's happening on King Street for a few of the TIFF days. Actually the "Three musketters were at the cinema too"

Walking home I went into Michaels.... that's a three stories hobby/DIY shop! I was probably going around "ahh-ing" and "ohh-ing" to myself all the time. Picked up a few things, will see if I get by again, I mean they're open until 10pm weekdays!
Also, there's always something happening on Dunda's square, Friday night someone had painted a car with spraypaint.



The old Parliment building is amazing too and standing on the "right" side of the street I just had to take a "Fraser point of view" photo. This is it for Friday, Saturday's post is coming up soon too.

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