Sunday, September 10, 2017

Coffee, fika, friends and all the time the musketeers were in my handbag...

Wow, it's great to see other parts of a city. In the begining of summer my mother found an article in Svensk Damtidning about Anna who lives in the Beaches area and have a Swedish café there! A cosy little place. We didn't get around to having any cinnamonbuns this Saturday, but we ate "real" food and then some candycars.

Picture through the window way too early in the morning, but it's promising a lovely day, which proved to be right.

I had planned on taking the streetcar and then the bus out to the beaches area but since there were some festival on Carlton street I had to take a bus and then the subway. But I reached the café just before the others and Erica arrived at the same time as Sonja and Mariellen. It was so great to see them all!



Again I saw some amazing houses and other buildings along with street art(on the pavement) and amazing cakes at the bakery that baked nutfree cakes and other stuff, they got a new regular cutomers in Erica I think.






Of course I saw some great signs as well, the sign for Leffe-beer and a streetsign for Norway, but none for Sweden...

And some more books... well I only bought "Caught", looking forward to the tv-series based on that and of course I'm looking forward to reading Hyena Road, seen the film a few times by now.

Hope everyone's having a great weekend, tomorrow I'll meet with Erica for Hockey Hall of fame and then we both meet with Sonja for CNtower, now that's something to get high about!
Bye bye for tonight.

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