Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Souvenir city and the illuminated Niagara Falls

So I took the bus for some sightseeing. Up around the floral clock and back south towards the falls. My destination was the Souvenir City. Yeah I found a few things but most was the same as everywhere.


The things at Rossi's Glass was amazing. They even had a showroom on how they blow the glass.


You could also find things in the First Nation's craftstore and the usual souvenirs. This mountie elk was a bit more red than the one I saw yesterday that was more sunbeaten.


If you like and got time you can make all kinds of photos here. With the Musical Ride, giant plate, spoons, timbles, inukshuk, elk and on and on...



I think this thermometer was broken as it was hot today but not this hot

 And finally I did try the soggy fries with cheese and gravy, the Canadians call it Poutine


And here I was, thinking I'd spare you of photos of flowers and things, but nope, they do catch my eye so here they are.



And finally dusk settled over Niagara Falls

Sorry to keep you in suspense, but the illuminated pictures will get it's own blogpost.

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