Wednesday, September 6, 2017

I'm back

I'm back in Toronto and after trying a few times to log in and update the blogg(already at home actually) I thought, maybe I had another address I used when I signed and in and YES so it was.
Now I will write here again and share my new adventure in Toronto, Canada.

There will be pictures, what I've got from yesterday when I traveled is mostly from the airport and from the air, but I could see both Iceland and Greenland quite clear, it was more cloudy when we flew in over Newfoundland, Canada though. But that will come in the next post. Now I will get ready to get out for the day, some coffee and breakfast will do me good, feels a bit strange sitting here in bed writing and seeing the computerclock showing 16.14 and knowing it's just 10.14 instead.

See you around and thanks for reading!

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