Thursday, September 20, 2018

A few last ones

Leaving Niagara Falls for Toronto on the Greyhound just to later leave for Copenhagen on the airplane and finally taking the train home. Sunset, sunrise and just the sun over the sea at home.
Some of the photos out of the plane looks like someone scratch the window, but it's just icy.
I had the best time over there and I miss all my friends there, but looking forward to meeting some of the ones here at home in the weekend.
Thank you also for all comments on my photos!

Leaving Niagara and Lake Ontario, looked it up the shipwreck is called Grande Hermine



Coming into Toronto there was this dueserspot in Univeristy Ave. The building used as the Canadian Consulate in the pilot of Due South.


Sun setting as we lift off.


Dinner and a movie; Jumanji(the second one)

No wonder the windows look scratchy when it's -60F/-51C degrees!


A bit of Sweden.

And we're down! Trip almost over.

And the Baltic sea! I'm almost home!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Today I went to Niagara-on-the-lake, I had a goal and that was to get some coffee from Victoria Gallery, this time I let them ground it for me. Of course there were other places too and I will tell you about them when I get to the photos.

The WEGO bus took us up to the floral clock where you have to change into the shuttle, but to be on the safe side I traveled a bit early and got time to spend around the clock. There are some nice flowers, plants and fishes around the clock and the clock itself was decorated saying "Niagara Parks" this year.



The sky was also nice today, just some light clouds.


Coming into the town of Niagara-on-the-lake is always beautiful, flowers hanging on the lamposts, flowers in post and fun buildings and signs. These photos come in no particular order.







I decided to have lunch at Shaw Café, probably the biggest fish & chips I've seen so far. They also had a toblerone cheesecake on the menu so I took one to go and had it while I waited for the shuttle back to the floral clock. 



One of the shops I found(either it was new or it's been closed previous times) was the Pandaya Gallery, they had all kinds of things but what really caught my eye was how they displayed jewellry on black bottles.


I took my time wandering around and since I then "missed" the 3 o'clock bus I had to wait for the one at 4 I walked down to the lakeside. It is Lake Ontario just as it is up in Toronto.


It's a Dueser thing: Duck means duck, duck doesn't mean duck!

When I got onto the shuttle I asked if the busdriver maybe could slow it down a bit when we came by the church/chapel, the world's smallest weddingchapel. I've only come past it, one day I have to rent a car and go around the area so I can stop and see how little it is inside.


Back in Niagara Falls I sat down and absorbed the last of my vacation on the frontporch and just as yesterday this man came walking his dog, it's a Diefenbaker-copy, same colouring.

 So tomorrow is a day of travels, first back to Toronto and then back to Copenhagen, landing on Wednesday morning and hopefully it won't take too long before I'm back home. It's been a great trip and I will miss everyone over here, but it will also be nice to come home.