Friday, September 22, 2023

All About Niagara-On-The-Lake - 230918

Much like the latest entry I was planning on uploading during travels Tuesday, but due to a fire on the highway the bus had to detour and we got a but delayed, we got in very well time to the airport anyway but I didn't get around to make these couple of posts. This one is all about Niagara-On-The-Lake, a quaint little town with some favourite shops and great food. The shuttlebus driver(takes tourists into town from the bigger parkinglot) Jimmy and Mitch are just hilarious. We did some shoping, had a nice lunch and some icecream, we even got to visit Lake Ontario again, another side of it this time. Enjoy the photos.

Tunnels and Illuminations - 230917

Did I mention there is water in Niagara Falls? Anyways today we did Journey behind the falls, the new attraction Powerstation/Tunnel and in the evening we watched how the falls got illuminated with colours plus the firework(which we could see from "home" as well) at 10pm. My intention was that I would upload these photos for you when I was on the bus leaving Niagara Falls, but the free wifi didn't cooperate fully and it's been a busy day and half since I got back but now I'll send you some more photos to hopefully enjoy. First Journey behind the falls
Now the tunnel
Slowly making my way from Table Rock Center to the "Hornblower" area late afternoon and evening.