Tuesday, July 30, 2019

RCW139 conventions that never ends - Monday July 30th

A notification came on Facebook Sunday evening, for those still in town and got the time, come join Tom Melissis for lunch at Fionn MacCools on Bloorstreet. While the other lady with the grey bag also stayed in the Cabbagetown area we kept company on the way there.




Think everyone who showed up is in this pic, well not me taking it and not Tom's son who sat by the side but he's in the "offical" photo that Tom posted. A treasure from the Due South days, the policebadge Tom's character had.


 Next on the agenda, getting to Yorkdale and watch Kathleen-Sonja/Starfleet do some axe-throwing, well I had a chance to try it too and it was harder than it seems, but now I have tried it at least.





The ducks didn't duck(these were memories from another time)




Now it's soon time to pack the last few things and get going towards the airport. It's been lovely as ever here in Toronto(and Niagara Falls), but somehow it will also be nice to get back home.
Thank You Kindly for following me and for all the nice comments.

Final day #3 at the convention - Sunday July 28th

However much I walk around in Toronto I still see new things and I'm amazed and happy that there is such a nice mix of old and new buildings.

This is the backside of Maple Leaf Gardens, today there's some kind of school and Loblaws(groceryshop) in it. It was also a little bit of a shortcut to the convention hotel.


For the silient auction Erin had drawn this! It's simply beautiful, someone wanted it more than me though and it brought CAD 50 to our charity. I had as usual crocheted things and the same Erin bought them, I don't know how much though. My winnings was a bag and some other things sayind Due South but nothing authentical to the show.

Again a lovely panel and now when I'm soon on my way home I can't remember the name of our male guests but they were people working behind the scene and that's always nice to hear about. Christina Cox was new to our panel and we had another apperance by Catherine.

The Californian lady with the grey bag(both me and Shirly had a grey bag) won this on the liveauction. When we went to ship it home(costed her a fortune) there were a man who knew about the show and was a personal friend of Ramona who couldn't be with us this time and she(Shirly)  told me he sent her a text about this framed poster.

I have closeups on this wall too, it was a fun idea(althogh somehow I never got around to do that), on three lampposts three to the convention important people were honoured, Fliss Pugh who past away just before the latest convention, Kevin Klee who past away in between and the stuntman Kevin Rushton who were to have come visit us but just past away too. 

John(second chair) got to bring these beautiful Due South related watercolours back to Australia! I still think that if we had had a little more time they would have brought more money in being sold one by one, but enjoy John, they are a true treasure.

Our lovely and hardworking committee
Katie, John, Stephan, Megan and Sara and also a big Thank You Kindly to Tom McCann who does the tours with us(I did skip one of them this year)

The thing with conventions are that they really never end, this eveing a few of us went to Stout for a lovely dinner, now I chose not to put the photo on here, but I had a nice steak dinner with the most lovely mushroomsauce. PS. the beer's not mine.



The gang of four(who at least ended up on the same streetcar going home, but mingled with others on the convention) Mariellen(mom), Shirly(the Californian lady with the grey bag), me and Kathleen-Sonja(sister as I call Mariellen mom sometimes, always nice to have an extra, but it will be great coming back to see my own family)

Saturday July 27th - Day two of the convention

The three day of the convention are pretty much things mostly us Duesers know and understand about, but I'm still writing up a little post about it!

Saturday started at Patrician Grill, thank you again to Terry and the others who pushed the vacation up so we all could come. Outside after we had eaten we took a photo, that is on the official website so I won't share it here.

As we walked back in different constellations we stopped by. This is inside St. Lawrence hall which posted as the Canadian consulate in one of the seasons.


And on Torontostreet you find this door that's also played a bit role. The building was even used in Chasing Rainbows, so Chicago or Montreal.. everything happens in Toronto.

 The Kind Street Pilot project have left the city with nice places to take a rest when you're out walking.

 A fun panel this afternoon, Jackie and Chris Moulson, Tom Melissis, Michael Bowman, Catherine Bruhier and Daniel Kash. So many stories we got to hear, but I think I won't "Kiss and Towel"



More signs and the cardboard Benton Fraser

Another reaccuring fun event, our galadinner, the food was excellent and plenty, the desserts all loked lovely but you couldn't try them all.



Jackie wanted a picture with Catherine Bruhier and I ended up helping that happen and came to be in the photo too.