Sunday, September 17, 2017

Moving down to Niagara Falls Friday around midday

 So it was time on the Friday to move ahead, a few days to spend in Niagara Falls. It was a great stay with Tanya, Biljana and their dog Hachi. And since I had time I actually walked down to the busstation, and of course there were more great buildings of Toronto I've not yet seen.

Something else to look forward to in the cineams this autumn

A bit blurry, but it was far away, but seen from the highway, Alias Grace again

Yep, everywhere in the world

 Some nicelooking garden figures

A little bigger than Göta Kanal is this one

 Cute details of the next airbnb, way up the hill from the falls, but a nice walk still

The bridge to America "Rainbow bridge"

 Looking out over the falls

This seagull posed nicely for me, moved a bit and posed again.

 I actually don't like being in pictures, but visiting the Falls you just have to attempt on a selfie, plus it's been absolutley scoorching weather for two days

 A panoramic view getting the American, the Bridal and the Horseshoe falls in

Absolutley amazing, over 2800 cubic meters per second coming down

 New attraction for those who dares, zipline down to the falls

There are so many plants that's captured my eye on this trip. Here are a few and I know there will be more tomorrow

And a few other details from Niagara Falls downtown

If you look up you see things like treehouses...

... and when you look down you see the squirrels

Resting on the front porch

 Tomorrow you will get to see behind the falls

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