Monday, September 18, 2017

Saturday afternoon behind Niagra Falls

Today I went out a bit later. Had a coffee and a smiley-cookie at Timmies. Then a bit looking around on Clifton Hill, this is where you should go for fun stuff, here's Waxcabinettes, Ripleys and Horror alternatives. Along with giant displays for Icecream or Popcorn places just to mention a few. Of course there's room for shops too.





Inside the Table Rock Shop at "Journey behind the falls"


Christmas Decorations


And finally a few pics of the falls, it's really amazing with all this much water. The behind the falls was thrilling as well.




Up ontop again I managed to catch the rainbow, at least on photos.


And some more photos of the falls




Maid of the mist is the American boat, it was the Canadian too before but nowdays it's Hornblower that runs those.


Details from the front yard at the airbnb I'm staying at


Some people have really made an effort in their gardens.


And of course a squirrel and some flowers for you to look at too, you see a lot when you're out walking




 Sunday's photos will be of the falls illuminated at night and some daytime photos too

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