Thursday, September 7, 2017

Day of travelling

I promised you a few pictures from my travelling day, and I'll try and get it up before it's offically midnight here in Toronto.

I checked in at the airport in Copenhagen and got to know that the flight was delayed about an hour, due to bad weather when said plane was to leave Toronto the night before so they were late to Denmark.
Well Aamann's restaurant cought my eys as they were serving "Smörrebröd" not that I ate any but because I've made so many the last year at Morten's café back home in Ystad.

Them it felt like I walked halfway back to Sweden to finally board the plane. I love flying and looking out so I had prepaid for my windowseat, a treat for myself. As you can see I've got the three musketeers with me on this trip.

And yes when the plane taxied out from the gate it backed up and I zoomed in on the bridge.

 The pilot took us over both Iceland and Greenland and it's pretty amazing seeing that from above


Also amazing is seeing the clouds from above casting shadows on the Atlantic and the sun catching the plane's wing

Flying in towards Toronto looks like on most places, but since there were rain and thunder the pilot circulated a few times and I got this view of downtown.

 And since we circulated we were due South!

And we've landed safely but it had been raining we could see that when the pilot hit the breaks, the windows got all wet but I got a pic of the tarmac before that.

Some nice posters welcoming us all to Canada and Toronto 

 And as always you're not allowed to get on the carousel

 Tomorrow I'll share you pics from Allan Gardens. So many beautiful flowers.

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