Saturday, September 16, 2017

Last day in Toronto and Alias Grace Thursday Septermber 14th

I did some shopping before I was to meet with Erica and walking down Carlton there were 3 curches just within a block


 Even here there are beautiful, funny and cool buildings, streetart and other details are everywhere.



The backside of a Canada Post truck

And what would an entry here be without flowers? So here you have today's batch of flowers.


I picked up a Kit Kat with mint flavour, it's delicious and even nice to look at

Todays dinner got to be pizza and of course we decided to watch something and ended up watching 20, 000 leagues under the sea with Paul Gross

As we stepped off the subway at Queenstreet there was the obvious place to where we would take out "dressed up for Alias Grace" photos, the show was great and we're looking forward to seeing more. We got to see the two first episodes. Before it started there were a presentation of some of the creators and actors that were on site and afterwards we got a Q & A with the all female(but the moderator) panel.


The theatre we were in was the Winter Garden and it was just so nice, a nice touch with the leaves in the ceiling and over all the place was nice. We had good seats in the middle of the middle



That was all for today, tomorrow will be my first day in Niagra falls

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