Friday, September 22, 2017

Travelling days Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th

So it was time to go home, it was another nice day both in Niagara Falls and in Toronto. I tried to hook up with Vicki and Jessie and maybe Tom Melissis too, but had no luck. If I had only known... they were in another end at the same food court I was before I took the subway.

I got this book from Erica as she had two copies and started reading it waiting for the bus, then I read a bit more at the airport. Loved the movie and I'm looking forward to finish reading it.

Oh yeah, on the way up to the busstation we rode on University road and what did I see! Yep one of the "consulates" that makes it three on this trip. This is a Due South thing again.

Colourful at the airport

Bye bye Toronto!

Leaving Denmark on the train.

Yep everything was in one piece when I got home. This is just a little of what I bought, felt nice to be able to treat myself for once.



Photos taken out the plane's window with the camera, the above ones were from my mobilephone


Öresundsbron, the bridge between Sweden and Denmark

Changing trains in Malmö plus the fields of "home"


Thank you to everyone who's followed me during this trip with kind words on Twitter and Facebook, this is it for now at least.

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