Friday, September 8, 2017

Revisiting some Due South places, cool buildings and finally I had breakfast at Patrician Grill

Yes you read right, I've been revisiting some places so these photos might have showed up in an entry three years ago as well. Another lovely day in Toronto and a long walk. Went down Sherbourne street to King Street East and turned right to go to Patrician Grill for breakfast, very easy with a grilled sandwich and coffee. I'm really impressed by Terry the owner how he keeps the orders in his head.

On the way down the street I walked past some cool buildings, some of them had cool art on them as well, and the cool streetsigns. I love the mix of old and new that's in this town. I also passed the hockey hall where we three years ago met the husky Maya, there were a new pile of snow outside, never walked really close though.

After breakfast I walked along King Street East towards Yonge Street. The building across from St. James' park you might recognize as one of the consulates in Due South. I also love the old gas-lamps they have outside. In the park there were some lovely flowers, not as many as the day before in Allan Gardens though.

When I hit Yongestreet my goal was Eaton Center, never had a chance last time to visit and wow, I say I could walk around even longer in the Indigo bookstore, what a place! I bought Margaret Attwood's "Alias Grace", looking forward to reading it since it's been made into a tv-show and I will actually go to the premier of it next week. They also had some cool cups and plates, of course "M is for Mounties" and "U is for up north"

On my way back I went into Starbucks for a vanilla latte and yes it's as good as in Tivoli, Copenhagen. I just had to take a photo of the cup as people usually put up pics with funny spellings of their names but mine was totally right.

I bet you're tired of reading now so I will leave you with the photos from today.












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