Thursday, September 14, 2017

Two Duesers day at Toronto Zoo

The early early Wednesday morning promised good weather

Erica and me met up at Kennedy Subway/Bus station to take the bus out to the Zoo, on the way we saw this commercial-ad for Alias Grace

At the zoo I zoomed in on Sweden just to show.

A carousel for the kids, but it wasn't running in the middle of the week, so weren't the caf├ęs so it was good we had brought plenty of water.

Entering Discovery zone we saw this beautiful woodworks.


Every now and again there were these colourful resting chairs.

One of the "baby" pandas and the mother. They are twins and born in 2015, the first ones born in Canada


And Daddy Panda


The three musketeers had a look at the Pandas too


Duck means duck, duck doesn't mean duck

Frogs hiding in plain sight

BeaverTails, not that we could try it


Just like Fraser and Victoria in "Victoria's Secret" we were looking at the polarbears


Humphrey's a three years old who still likes to play around


His five years old brother Hudson came out for feeding time


Mother Aurora or aunt Nikita is resting, they're 16 years old twins

Two artic wolves are living at the Zoo, like many other animals they were seeking the shade this day                                                                               

Some different kinds of birds


Duesers: If Fraser and Ray Kowalski were flying onto the Tundra I believe this is what their camp would have been and the bed on the right would be Ray K's as it's much more messier than the left side in the tent.



And for their African adventure

Reindeer and Inukshuk        

Some cool details


The lions sleeps in the shade





And again so many beautiful plants



Rhinos and Hippos

And of course there were giraffes too


And lemurs, who can resist these little cuties?




And more cuties, the penguins




We ended the lovely afternoon with dinner at Jack Astor's. Of course I had to have that ridicolous small brownie again. And not to get bored we played Hangman - Canadian TV and Movies


And again in the subway around Bay there were this HUGE Alias Grace ad

And another ad in lovely colours

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