Thursday, September 7, 2017

Flowers, flowers, flowers and three connections to Due South

Wendesday I spend mostly outside. It was such lovely weather. I started by walking west on Carlton street until I got to Tim Horton's on Yongestreet. On the way I passed Maple Leaf Gardens, that's the old hockey place where Doug pointed out to me on Facebook yesterday this happened "RayK argues with a scalper, and Fraser comments, "See, Ray, you ARE bilingual.""

This mosaic is on the next building from where I'm staying

And my brekkie, jsut so I've been to Tim Horton's too this time.

As I said, I spent a lot of the day outside. I enjoyed sitting in the park of Allan Gardens, there were birds and squirrels around, I'm still amazed by these black ones as back home they are more red... I even saw one more brown/grey squirrel.

Inside the conservatory/greenhouses I had my two other connections to Due South, being a train and turtles.



 Of course being a conservatory/greenhouse there were lots and lots of plants and flowers. The amount of Hibiskus and Orchids were amazing. I will the rest of the pics speak for themselves. Just enjoy!










Not to forget that I had the three musketters with me

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