Thursday, September 14, 2017

A Majestic Castle and Brekfast At The Patrician

We started the day with breakfast at Patrician Grill. It was so funny as I tried to look as I was standing up on the bus for Erica but saw her first when she was getting up to get off, yeah! we had ended up on the same. Of course the three musketeers were with me and Terry got a miniset along with a towerwatcher.

We got onto the subway heading north to see Casa Loma. I just love the art there is at the stations, thogth that I next time I come will do a subway day to photograph art :)


Some outside and garden photos of the castle.




The inside was beautiful too, lovely ceilings, floors, fireplaces and other details







Lady Pellatts Suite





Sir Henry Pellatts suite 




The Libarary/Dining room

There were telephones everywhere

And a lot of beautiful flowers



Other nice and cool details, the castle was filled with them




Beautiful art, I really loved the porcelain horse


The Windsor Room, if the Queen ever should come



And even more details




They are preparing the castle for Halloween


Just a funny streetsign

The next entry will be about animals as we were at the zoo today(Wednesday)

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