Wednesday, September 13, 2017

A couple of hours on a Monday at Ripley's Aquarium

 I took the bus to Sherbourne Subway and went onto Union where I met up with Erica. Some cool signs and ad-banners on the way. Today's "goal" was Ripley's Aquarium which we reached by the Skywalk. Since Canada is celebrating 150 years as a country how it is today we actually ran into some Swedish people who helped us take a photo and then we helped them.

Inside the Aquarium there were so much cool things and fishes of course. Some needles and hooks probably for clothes making and then some for fishing all collected by Robert Ripley.


Now for fishes and other creatures living in waters.


American Eel

Some BIG flatfish

These were just babies, but resting so cool on the rock

A BIG Lobster

The BLUE Lobster

Giant Crab



Octopus, this one was giant and no flash was allowed

These looked like quills, cool creatures that moved around 

Some more "Rock" fishes



Sun breaking through the water 


 Sharks, the middle one is actually resting on the glasdome





 For all my "Dueser" friends, what would Ben and Ray K say about this vessel?


 Scorpion-something fish

Electrical Eel 


 Yellow Pen fish(I think it was called)

Here comes a selection of jellyfishes, love how they used the UV light to make us see them better




LOOK TURTLES!!!(and Erica!)


A cool fountain with dogs all around it

 The oldest building in Toronto


And we ended the day with a "Dueser's" dinner, Swedish meatballs and The Pilot of Due South

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