Saturday, August 23, 2014

Tuesday August 19th, the last day in Toronto

Funny thing, the hotel's 4th floor was on the building's 9th
 As I chose not to have my room cleaned everyday I could save up for roomserviced breakfast the last day
 My Mounties and the husky I bought in the reception
 Room keyes
 Friends in the lobby after checking out
 Diane's poster
 A cute mountie
 Fanflailing before we part
 Peekaboo that goes with the flailing
 On our way for lunch at Jack Astor's

 Paper cloth and crayons, time to have fun

 Lamp of Coca cola bottles
 Artwork in the restaurant

 Everything's Due South "Golden Yukon Fries"

 Fries with poutine, basically it was sloppy fries with gravey and melted cheese. No I do prefer the crispy fries.
 World's smallest brownie
 Served by smiling waitresses


 This is how the artwork turned out

 The Marriot, my "home" in Toronto
Subway pictures

 At the airport

 Leaving Toronto

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