Thursday, August 14, 2014

More Sightseeing in Toronto

 Starting out with a pic from yesterday, my "Landslagshörna" this is especially for my aunt :)
 Since breakfast isn't included in the hotel, I picked a few things up at the store. Tomorrow I just need fresh coffee and some fruit.
 A clocktower
 This is why you always should take more than one pic, this turned out blurry, but it's a hot-dog stand. You who know me understands why.
 The old city hall, it was actually in Due South
 War monument outside the old city hall
 Gargyles on the tower
 CN Tower

 A sculpture in what I figured was the financial district
 New Subway sign
 Older Subway sign
 Just some houses

 So fascinating architecture

 Old and new side by side along Yonge Street

 The only theater in North America that has two level of stages and they go on at the same time with different plays.

The bed in my room... King sinze, 190... however will I sleep in my 120 at home hihi!

Signing out for tonight, tomorrow it's picnic and Destillery District day. Meeting up with more friends and fans! Thank You Kindly Sonja for showing me around. Nice meeting you "Wagnetic" tomorrow we'll talk more.

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