Friday, August 22, 2014

Sunday August 17th, Book reading, Due South Jeopardy, Guest panel, Auction

Sunday was kind of a less busy day but still we did a lot.
 Daily schedule and Charity Auction items, the Auction brought $4,000 to a few different causes.

 Lisa Jakub read a bit from her upcoming book. It was about how she met Princess Diana when she was 12 years old.
 Team 4, Barretts Privateers... we came in second place in the Jeopardy.

 Paul Haggis on Skype, was interesting to listen to him when we finally got the technic working.

 Panel, people behind the scenes; Props, wardrobe/design and ADs

 This was the prize in the postcard competition

And it was Anna that won it
 For all Ray Kowalski fans, the holster that Callum Keith Rennie used in season 3 and 4
 Details on a shirt
 Details on a jacket that Stephane parted with and donated to the auction

Other lovely work donated to the auction

 Stephane and John did a good job holding the auction
 The jacket/tunic still fits
 For all the hard work the last four conventions. Group photos even from this year
 The girls who's worked hard with the convention as well
 Micheal Dunne's all packed

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