Friday, August 22, 2014

Bustour, Buick Rivera 1971, Guest Panel, Galadinner

I will start out with telling you all that there are some photos missing from the bustour, that's because I went by the "courthouse" from the Pilot myself on Wednesday so please go look at that post for those photos. I've got lots more but I've chosen these for you to see what we were up to Saturday August 16th.

Daily Schedule
 Sonja had gotten to borrow the uniform that Paul Gross wore in Passendaele and just so she didn't have to carry it back and forth we hung it in my closet, the helmet is slightly to the right on the shelf.
 Map for our bustour

 The alley from "The Promise"
 The hotel where "Victoria" pretended to stay
 The famous ledge from "Hawk and a Handsaw"
 The club from the pilot where Ray makes a "Moose call"
 The building used as the Consulate in seasons 3 and 4
 Anna at the door
 Mary and Annika doing a "Ray" as he did in "Asylum"
 Me at the door
 The building where they filmed the scene where "Fraser" held "Ray" back at the elevators

 Building used at Consulate in season 1
 Maya the husky who were thrilled we stopped by. The owners take her to this snow that's outside a skatingrink to let her play in somewhat natural enviorment
 Building used as Consulate in season 2

 Black squirell in the park
 Park from a couple of episodes
 Revolving doors to the trains in Victoria's Secret
 The stairs down to the trains here with Butterfly Ghost and Ride Forever
 From the top of the "shortest" building "Fraser" semafored "Thatcher"
 "Thatcher" was standing in one of the windows of this buliding
 Our guide Tom, thanks again for showing us around!
 They put up an extra trafficlight for "Fraser" to stop by when he was out riding one early morning in "They eat horse don't they"
 Where they protested agains the building develepors in "One good man"
 A real Buick Rivera 1971, not green though
 Some information, among it the name of the owner Rob Fraser
 Me at the Riv
 Mariellen at the Riv, no she didn't steal it although she was tempted
 Sonja and with a 'real' sign
 A classic moment, the peekabook/failing Mary. Waiting in line to ask a question and then realizing who's really in the panel; Cathring Bruhier, Lisa Jakub and Ramona Milano
 Tom Melissis and others that had their birtday within a week
 The full panel Tom Melissis, Tony Craig, Catherine Bruhier, Lisa Jakub and Ramona Milano
 Tom getting a medal for most attending conventions
 Mariellen and Sonja all dressed up for Gala dinner
 Mariellen and Me before the Gala dinner

So, this was a bit from the Saturday. I've got more photos and if anyone attending want the original size please contact me.

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