Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Travel day

 Started off going by the train from Ystad to Copenhagen airport.
 Arrived in very good time, the drop-off hadn't even opened. The checkin I did the evening before at home.
 When you come outside the Taxfree shop HC Andersen is standing there with a book in his hand.
 Time to board the plane
 Boarded in "our" seat 42A, have the same seat for the trip home.
 Maybe it doesn't look so much but it was both tastefull and plenty. During the flight there were beverages and snacks handed out. Pretzles in between meals and about an hour and half before landing we got a "wrap" and not until I took a bite I realized that I had chosen meatballs instead of the vegetarian, I usually don't eat meatballs between May and Christmas.

 Some typical photos taken from a flight, fluffy clouds and another plane.
 Flying in over Canada

 I'm here for the Due South RCW 139: Thank you kindly convention, but there is another great tv-show that I like called Republic of Doyle that takes place in Newfoundland, exactly in St.Johns so I had to take these photos of the map on screen.
 Landed at Toronto Pearson International Airport. Welcome to CANADA!

 Signs and Dinosaurs at the airport.
 Busstop for the Rocket going to the subway
Pretty easy going from the Airport to the hotel

So these are the pictures I'm sharing for day one, my travel day. I'm soon heading out so see if I can find my way downtown to Walk of fame. I'll be back with pictures from there either today or tomorrow.

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