Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Start of convention, guests the Mountie Terry and musician Jay Semko

As before, I will put text to my photos as we go along

 Sonja trying out the uniform jacket and helmet "playing dead"

 But she is alive!!!

 Oh yeah, I had to try it too
 Some things I donated towards our auction. Totally with all the stuff it raised $4000

 Trading cards, when I finally got #8 I had my full set.
 Daily Schedule

 Sonja and the postcard competition, congratulations to Anna who won
 Trading cards and rubber ducky
 Kit Kat tasting, the chili(coming later) was actually hot

 Organizing comitte

 The uniform Paul Gross wore in Passchendaele

 Helmet for the uniform
 Mariellen and Sonja goofing around
 Some more props, these are from Due South. I got photos of more if anyone would like to see

 Stephan introducing Terry, a real life Mountie and he had some really interesting stories to tell

 Handcuffs were sent around
 All our guest got a signed(by the attendes) poster...
 ... and an Inukshuk, a Canadian symbol that among other things symbolizes Friendship
 Mariellen, Terry, Sonja
 Mariellern, Terry and me
 Jay Semko
 "Wagnetic"/Talia asking a question
 Jay sining
 Yes, I got a photo taken with Jay too....
...and so did Sonja

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