Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dueser's picnic and visit to the Distillery District

I will describe the pictures as we go along.

 The Dueser's going to the island for a picnic, Anna and Erika joined us too in the afternoon.

 Food, cookies, candies all well done by Sonja and Mariellen

 Canadian Geese
 The sign going the other way says "Clothing Optinal Beach" No, we didn't go there, we went to the light house instead.
 The Lighthouse and signs about it

 CN-tower, not the first time and probably not the last.
 Something's happening on the island. I'm looking forward to hearing more when the Toronto people tell.
 This boat was in Due South, the scene where Fraser and Ray(K) had dinner as Stella and her company also had dinner.
 A game Sonja had put together, always fun with letters
 Otter-throwing ahead
 Ned Hanlan who the island is named after

These silos are the ones Fraser and Ray(K) jumped from
 Skyline panorama
 Toronto Police, I forgot to take a photo of what district, but it was either 15 or 51
 One of the first thing we saw when we arrived at the Distillery Disctrit was a Hästens-bed store. Hästens is a Swedish brand.
 I just love the streetsigns, there are different for the financial, entertainment, distillery and other disctricts
 Just a clock
 For lovers to hand a lock at
 A skylight, although it wasn't this but one on the other side of the road that was jumped thru in Due South
 More sites from Due South

 Classic scene where Gerrard is hainging on the outside by Fraser Sr's hand. Fraser Sr is dead.....
 Fraser jumped up to the upper doors when the lower were closed in "Gift to the wheelman"
 Classic easting establishment, too bad it was closed.

 We ended up at Gabby's and had a great time together.

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