Friday, August 22, 2014

Monday August 18th; Niagra falls tour the going there and back photos

 A steelmill/facotry
 Lake Ontario

 Closing in on Niagra-on-the-lake

 For those who wanted to take a helicopter ride over the falls, plus a bathroom break

 Ready for the snow

 At the winery "Diamond Estates"
 Dan Akroyd has his own wine here

 Behind the trees is Niagra River

 Silly sign, who wouldn't stop for ambulances?

 If you're not satisfied with the mainstreet there are a lot more shops and signs for it
 A connection to Murdoch mysteries, Crabtree
 Could have been a parkingspot for Geoffery Tennant if spelled another way

 Wayne Gretzky's wineshop

 A store with only Christmas stuff, a bit too much really

 The Royal George theatre


 World's smallest wedding chapel

 The flowerclock in Niagra
 Leaving the falls, these are the paystations if you go to and from USA
 A stranded ship

 The Ford/Lincoln assembly in Oakville
 Back in Toronto
 CNE festival

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